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Cincinnati (September 12, 2023) – Neural Payments, fintech innovator offering peer-to-peer (P2P) payment solutions for credit unions, has announced a partnership with GoWest Credit Union Association, a six-state organization serving more than 200 credit unions and their

Cincinnati, OH-May 2, 2023-Neural Payments, a Fintech Pioneer in the P2P space, announced today that Firstrust Bank, located in Philadelphia, PA, has signed a multi-year agreement for Neural’s P2P solution that will come fully-embedded within their Q2

Once You Hit 20….I don’t mean 20 as in the age when I thought I knew it all (laughable now), I mean 20 as in the number of clients that have chosen to partner with us. For

WE. ARE. LIVE! This point. This one moment in time is what we have been building towards, what we have been putting in countless hours to achieve and what we have committed to our trusted partners to

Mel, the Pen is YoursJoining this team last year was met with a number of exciting new roads to pave and partnerships to forge.  But the part of the job that gets me up every morning is

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Based on a recommendation from our very own Evan Uchtman, I recently watched the documentary, 14 Peaks, on Netflix.  As I watched it, I could not help but feel that, in a way, it represented what Neural

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I took a look back through our Newsletters recently and to see how far we’ve come in the past year is incredible. They offer snapshots of where we were throughout the last few years and support the

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At the beginning of August, we had the privilege of having the team travel to Cincinnati for our first official Neural Payments Off-site. We met for two days at the 1819 Innovation Hub on the University of

Last year in July, we gave an overview of the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payments industry.  We took a look at the three main types of offerings in the space (Tech Solutions, Legacy Solutions, and Zelle) and how trends

It’s been a little bit since we got an update out. The team has been heads down onboarding new team members and working diligently on new features and integrations. As such, we wanted to update you on

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