Neural Payments September 11, 2023 0 Comments

Cincinnati (September 12, 2023)Neural Payments, fintech innovator offering peer-to-peer (P2P) payment solutions for credit unions, has announced a partnership with GoWest Credit Union Association, a six-state organization serving more than 200 credit unions and their 16.5 million consumer members. Through the partnership, Neural Payments will offer association credit unions its customized, white label P2P platform.

Embedded directly and seamlessly within digital banking, the P2P solution makes payments easier for consumers. For credit unions, the technology is a product designed to help expand membership, providing enhanced opportunities to appeal to consumers looking for greater convenience in how they make payments. To further enhance the P2P product, Neural Payments also offers Fraud Rules Engine, a revolutionary technology that leverages real-time automation to lock down, evaluate and respond to suspicious transactions.

“For members of GoWest Credit Union Association, Neural Payments offers the opportunity to step onto the playing field of this growing $50 billion industry,” said Mick Oppy, Neural Payments CEO. “It gives credit unions a way to not just remain competitive but to also reduce operating expenses and stay ahead of the fintech curve with technology that consumers really want.”

“Within our association, our member credit unions have a keen interest in making a real difference in their communities,” said GoWest Credit Union Association Chief Growth Officer Cameron Smith. “We are excited to partner with Neural Payments because it is easy to see the difference this team’s solution will make for both consumers and credit unions. By making P2P payments easier and safer, Neural Payments is helping credit unions reach more members and create greater impact.”

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