Mel, the Pen is Yours

Joining this team last year was met with a number of exciting new roads to pave and partnerships to forge.  But the part of the job that gets me up every morning is the fact that I get to tell our story to new folks everyday, and now thanks to Mick, I get to carry the torch forward and share our journey with you each and every month in this publication.  I am grateful for the opportunity to continue what Mick has started with our Neural Payments Newsletter, and honored to be your new author.  

Pressure…. Oh what a Privilege it Is

I have a love/hate relationship with butterflies.  Not the majestic, monarch-type, but the type that seem to show up right before a big moment in my life.  Whether that be a big presentation or flipping the switch on yet another milestone here @ Neural Payments, my fluttery friends seem to show up right on time….and usually right in the middle of the night.  But I am no stranger to the pressure that creates the butterflies, but what I have come to realize is that whether it is watching my daughter’s 3rd grade basketball team in a nail-biter or marching towards deployment with the clients that have placed their trust in us, it means that people are counting on me and that I have expectations placed on me.  That pressure, those butterflies and opportunities, are a privilege.  We have big goals here @ Neural Payments and I wouldn’t give up that privilege even on our toughest days.  Why?  Because no pressure means there are no expectations of me and no records to set….and that sounds like a pretty un-fulfilling alternative.  So for all my butterfly friends, it’s a privilege to have you on board for the ride…but buckle up because we are about to find out what we are made of.      

Welcome, Danny!   

Just a week ago we welcomed our newest member, Daniel Armstrong.  Daniel is a Nashville native, PADI Divemaster and former Physical Therapist Assistant who recently graduated from Nashville Software School (NSS). While at NSS, he focused on JavaScript, React, Python and Django and produced two capstone projects. For his frontend capstone, he created Surface Interval, an app where scuba divers can log and sort dives, upload images and plan for future dives. For full-stack development, he created Kinetic, a web app for athletes to sign up for and track endurance events, track their activities and plan for future events. Daniel is bringing his talent and knowledge to maintain and grow the NP software and application infrastructure within our engineering team.  We are very excited to have Danny on board and he has already dove in with both feet….pun completely intended!

Crushing our 2021 Goals

2021 was our year to prove that we had created a solution to a real problem.  This was a year for validation that what we are creating delivered a game-changing experience for both consumers and financial institutions.  This was our year to set goals to partner with some of the leading digital providers in the market and to contract with forward-thinking banks and credit unions who were going to be among the first to deploy the Neural Payments P2P solution.  Those goals that we set had butterflies flying around them every day…. but we channeled that privilege and crushed it, with direct and digital partnerships leading us to +900% and +400% respective achievement.  Could not have made this happen without our amazing team.  

Even bigger goals lie ahead here in 2022.  The time has come for our official launch and for the Neural Payments solution and name to become recognizable in the industry.  We have some monumental plans laid out for growing and evolving what this platform is truly capable of doing…. talk about tremendous pressure…..and privilege.   Thank you again to all of our clients and partners who continue to believe in us and champion our efforts, we look forward to delivering on your expectations.

Until next month,