This point. This one moment in time is what we have been building towards, what we have been putting in countless hours to achieve and what we have committed to our trusted partners to deliver. We made it. Our vision is LIVE and our solution is REAL. Did it go exactly as planned? Nope. But did we learn some things we didn’t know and identify areas that required a pivot…you bet we did. But we adjusted, documented and kept marching forward. Now we are on a mission to onboard and implement our massive pipeline of clients that are looking forward to joining us on this journey. Client #1 became Client #2, and Client #10 becomes #20, one P2P transfer at a time we are changing the game and growing and evolving our solution.

Cincy Inno Madness FINAL FOUR!

It’s no secret that March is my favorite month of the year. As an avid UK fan growing up, I looked forward to watching my Cats with my father and cheering them on….regardless of the outcome. Sadly, 2022 isn’t going to be their year, but I do still get to cheer on Neural Payments in the Cincy Inno Bracket Challenge. Did I mention that we are in the Final FOUR?!? In this challenge, Cincinnati Fintechs go head-to-head in a bracket style challenge where voters get to decide who makes it to next round based on who they would choose to invest in. We are up against some tough competitors in the final four, but I have no doubt we will be cutting down the net and heading to the big game! In case you haven’t checked out the challenge, you can access it and VOTE here! #voteforneural


Acculynk & PopMoney Sunsets are Looming

It’s no secret that the payments landscape is shrinking. Players are consolidating and options are limited. P2P is no different. As many of you are aware, the Acculynk/Payzur and PopMoney solutions owned by Fiserv are being sunset, leaving clients wondering what options they are left with to choose from. We are quickly approaching the sunset of Acculynk in June of 2022 and PopMoney, you are up next in June of 2023. So to our bank and credit union friends, we want you to know that you have options, and that Neural Payments is proving to be not just a replacement but a solution that is adding real value. Value in terms of connecting you to Fintech and allowing your cardholders to continue to transact where they do today. Value in terms of virtually eliminating card registration fraud and doing it at a fraction of the cost of other market providers. We should talk.


Neural Payments instant payment solutions featured in FedNowSM Service Provider Showcase!

We are proud to be part of the inaugural group of organizations featured in the Federal Reserve’s FedNow Service Provider Showcase. Visit this online resource to see how Neural’s instant payment solutions can help financial institutions adopt the FedNow Service, which rolls out in 2023. Services Neural Payments will offer will include: P2P offering that allows an FI to run a white-label solution that leverages the traditional Debit rails and connects to third party services. Upon the release of the FedNow Service, we can immediately and seamlessly move traffic to leverage the FedNow Service through the directory – lowering transaction costs, simplifying settlement, and still allowing for a real-time send/receive experience. Our solution also provides e-cards, payment requests, and push-to-card options.

Visit Neural Payments FedNow showcase profile here:


Digital Banking Integrations are GROWING!

It goes without saying that we would not be where we are without our partners who have welcomed us into their ecosystems and worked to integrate our P2P solution into their Digital Banking applications. We are now integrated and in discussions with 12, yep 12, of the markets leading digital baking providers. That means that our directory is growing with each and every integration. But what it also means is that our embedded approach is the right approach. We go-to-market within the trusted ecosystem of the FI, and that is a relationship builder between the cardholder and their bank or credit union. So to our partners of present and future, thank you.

So….What’s Next?

Now that we are live, we get to have some fun with planning the future. We get to start bringing to life the value-added solutions that we have been discussing like E-cards and Commercial/Small Business solutions. This is where we begin to bolt on additional fraud tools and expand into different verticals. This is where we talk Crypto. So keep an eye out for what’s next with Neural. We are growing our team to support our future plans and our partnerships and investing in growing our market awareness and presence.

Mick and I recently attended our first AFT Summit in San Diego, and wow, what a fantastic partner and networking event. We will also be showing up at the Experience FinXTech event in Austin in May and planning for several others in 2022. Time to come out from under the covers and start evangelizing how we are changing the game. See you all out in the world!

Until next month,