I took a look back through our Newsletters recently and to see how far we’ve come in the past year is incredible. They offer snapshots of where we were throughout the last few years and support the trajectory we are on moving forward. This time last year, we had just brought on our first two employees and were in the very first stages of piloting with our first customer.  Now we have certified with our second payments network, are actively working on or have recently completed several security audits and certifications, have integrated with a leading digital banking provider, and are implementing our first round of clients in Production.

November is often used as a time to express gratitude and thankfulness for milestones and accomplishments, and to appreciate the people that have contributed to that success. We have so much to be thankful for as we continue to meet and exceed goals that we set out to accomplish from the very beginning.

Welcome, Mel!

In mid-September, we had the opportunity to bring in Melissa Kopp as the Director of Client Experience. Melissa has spent the vast majority of her career in the payments industry, working to develop business solutions and strategic partnerships on behalf of financial institutions. Her ability to advocate for and build relationships with her customers, combined with over 19 years of deep industry knowledge and experience is invaluable. We are excited for her to start driving those long-lasting relationships with our customers and partners to the benefit of all involved!

Partnerships & Certifications

The last several weeks have also brought about some significant milestones for the team as we look to increase our customer base and move to recognizing revenue. I cannot thank the team enough for their hard work and dedication to our product and our customers. We continue to “punch above our weight” when it comes to FinTech Startups and breaking down barriers.

At the end of October, we announced in a press release that we completed an integration with Q2’s Digital Banking Platform. Through Q2’s Partner Accelerator Program, clients can now take advantage of our fully integrated P2P solution directly within their existing digital banking platform. This is a huge step in providing easy-to-implement, turn-key products for our joint customers. We are actively implementing several Q2 clients right now with more planned for early next year.

In addition to wrapping up the Q2 functionality and prepping for Go-Live, the team has been hard at work on our compliance and certifications. We officially obtained our SOCII-Type 1 accreditation late this summer and are in the middle of our evidence collection period for SOCII-Type 2. In addition to those, we have also recently completed the PCI-DSS SAQ-D. These are unbelievable accomplishments, particularly for the size of our team having built the platform from scratch.

In addition to the SOCII and SAQ-D work, the team of Daniel Norton, David Patrick, and AJ Taylor has worked countless hours to become officially certified with the NYCE Network. Behind the scenes, Matt Salzman and Bash Kurgunyev have also completely rewritten and launched our client administration portal in a little over two months. These are very significant milestones and I could not be more proud of the team for getting all of this completed in such a short timeframe.

I consider myself extremely blessed to have the team we have here at Neural Payments. I am beyond excited about what we have accomplished this year as well as what we have lined up to do in 2022!

Best regards,