It seems like every other month or so, we have exciting announcements to make and April is no different. As we continue to gain exposure with both clients and partners, we are officially rolling out several pieces of Go To Market material and stepping out into the open.

Website Launch

Along with wrapping up the final pieces of our initial product launch, we have been working on bringing our website to life and as of Monday afternoon, it is now available! This is just another huge step in our mission to help Banks and Credit Unions face the threat of losing cardholders to emerging solutions that bypass the Institution. Our products and services aim to align with your digital vision and goals by building digital adoption, lowering transaction costs, limiting exposure to fraud, and simplifying technology integrations.

We have intentionally pushed off launching the website as there was a strong sense of wanting to have the platform built before publicly announcing our arrival to the space. There are still details that we have not disclosed, but excited for those deals to finalize so that we can include those integrations and partnerships as well. Feel free to take a look around and if you are interested in learning more about the product, fill out the form on the Contact Us page to schedule a demo.  

Product Brief

In addition to the website, we have developed a Product Brief to further highlight the features and benefits of the product and how we aim to bridge the gap caused by other solutions in the market.  We are at a unique crossroads in the P2P space and shifts in the market are causing FIs to actively review their P2P solution. While that may seem daunting for some, we find it refreshing because we understand how the combination of the largest network with a low cost solution can support an FI’s long term vision for digital payments.

Coming Soon…

I am already getting excited about our newsletter for next month as we plan to give a peek into some of the technology that we feel makes us unique in the industry. We tout all the time about how we have intentionally built our platform from the ground up in order to bring technology advancements to the Financial Institution space. We will also share about some of our new hires as well as plans to have some extra help over the summer!

Finally, we are nearing the close of our Seed Round. This will allow us to scale our operations for integrating additional institutions and mobile providers to meet the massive increase in demand we have seen since our soft launch at the beginning of the year. Thank you to our investors and all that have supported us on this journey.

I continue to look forward to many more of these types of updates to come. The growth and perseverance of the team is evident every time we hit another one of these milestones and I could not be more proud of our continued success.

Best regards,