At the beginning of August, we had the privilege of having the team travel to Cincinnati for our first official Neural Payments Off-site. We met for two days at the 1819 Innovation Hub on the University of Cincinnati campus to talk through where we are as a company and where we are headed over the course of the next 6-12 months. Not only was it great to have everyone together in person for the first time, but it was a perfect time to reminisce about the early days when there were only 2 or 3 of us. We recounted all the major milestones leading up to this summer, including hirings, partnerships, contracts, and certifications.

We also took plenty of time to do some team building. With several of us remote, this was the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better than we can over a Zoom meeting. In the weeks leading up to the off-site, each of us completed a DiSC assessment. DiSC is a behaviour assessment tool which centers on four personality traits: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. After we had the results, we sat with each team member and worked through what we thought was accurate and how it plays a part in our interactions with each other as well as the team as a whole. We also made sure to expose the remote folks to plenty of Cincinnati favorites like Taft’s Ale House, Mac’s Pizza, Servatti’s Donuts, Rhinehaus, and Skyline at the Reds game!

Last, but not least, we set aside most of the day Tuesday for a detailed planning session. With implementations ramping up in the next few months, we are in the final stretch of platform security updates, polishing up the admin portal, and wrapping up certifications. We placed hundreds of post-it notes onto a room full of whiteboards with high level tasks needed before go-live. Once everything was captured, we talked through each card as a group to organize and prioritize them. These were then all added to our LeanKit boards to be worked on in the coming months. 

While we have had plenty of planning sessions in the past, the size and scope of this one combined with the realization that it was some of the last remaining outstanding items for scaling the platform, made it all the more special.

New Employees

A few months ago, we briefly introduced you to our three recent college grads.  With the summer wrapping up, we were fortunate enough to be able to keep two of them on long term.

Matt joins as a software engineer from the University of Cincinnati where he studied Information Technology with a concentration in Software Development. He also recently completed his MBA through UC’s accelerated master’s program. Matt has already been instrumental in system architecture and security and is leading the development of the company’s Admin Portal. Matt will be reporting to our CTO, Daniel Norton.

Bash comes to us from Shawnee State University where he studied Digital Simulation and Game Engineering Technology. With his background in building robust games and other resource intensive applications, Bash brings a constant awareness of speed and efficiency to the table. He will be developing our Admin Portal alongside Matt and the Operations team, and will also be reporting to Daniel.

Welcome to the team, guys!  We are thrilled to have you on board and appreciate all you do for the company.

Partnerships & Certifications

In case you missed it, Neural Payments was featured in the Q2 Partner Showcase at the end of July.  We provided an overview of Neural Payments and a demo of all the functionality we integrated with Q2’s Caliper SDK. We will soon be listed in the Q2 Digital Catalog where you can also find additional information about our partnership.

In addition to wrapping up the Q2 functionality and prepping for Go-Live, the team has been hard at work on our compliance and certifications. We are currently finishing our SOC2 Type 1 audit and look forward to sharing that report with you all in the coming weeks. We have also received final sign-off on our PCI Environment Architecture and will be implementing those changes prior to completing our SAQ-D. 

Best regards,