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Today’s digital payment landscape is evolving rapidly, with the world’s biggest banks, credit unions and non-financial technology companies competing to launch the newest payment innovations. 

While this is exciting for the fintech space and consumers, it’s a challenging trend for most financial institutions that simply don’t have the professional and financial resources to build their own payment technology. 

Most small and mid-sized banks and credit unions don’t have the time or personnel to take on custom IT development. It’s difficult to recruit the limited tech talent available for a payment project, and the costs of development are high. Moreover, because most of these financial institutions have a limited network of users and there is limited brand loyalty, the investment of time, energy, talent, and funds into P2P development just doesn’t pay off. 

At the same time, customers are getting confused by the sea of independent digital payment apps that operate outside of a traditional FI, and they’re facing a high risk of fraud and inconsistent experiences when making a payment.

With so many challenges to both the financial institutions and the consumer, how is a traditional bank or credit union to compete?

Industry Challenges

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Our Solution

Technology Innovations

at the Pace of Business with Neural Payments

Leveraging our significant experience in working with both financial institutions and payment processors on a global scale, Neural Payments creates financial technology solutions that offer simple, seamless integration within an FI’s existing digital platforms, empowering banks and credit unions to skip the high-cost, time-consuming work of internal custom development. 

With Neural Payments solutions, FIs can adopt change at or ahead of market pace to compete in the complicated fintech landscape, lowering transaction costs, minimizing fraud exposure, and building consumer loyalty and digital adoption.

What We Can Do

Technology Innovations

at the Pace of Business with Neural

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